How to find affordable Cruise Deals, and get the most Bonus Extra's that go with it!
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Cruise Bonus Extra's ( FREE Value-added Amenities )

ARTICLE : How to get the best "Bonus Extra's" Cruise Deals.
We can help you navigate through the different cruise line Bonus Extra offers, tell you what free amenities to go for. Show you what to avoid. Guide you to where to get your money's worth.

In today's market, price is not the only decision to make when deciding to book a cruise. Consumers are looking for more. So many cruise lines these days offer Bonus Extra's for Alaska Cruises, Europe Cruises or Caribbean Cruises. For many consumers the price of a cruise is still not low enough to fit their budget, so the list of Bonus Extra's offered grows higher and higher each year.

Bonus Extra's for passengers are now the norm for cruise lines to help encourage them to book a particular sailing. Prepaid gratuities and shipboard credits are among the most popular value-added amenities with people who cruise today. 

 The Most Popular Bonus Extra's...

• Reduced deposit or no deposit required
• Onboard spending credit
• Reduced or free air
• Kids sail free or at a reduced rate
• Reduced rate on third and fourth person in cabin
• Two-for-One Fares
• Up to $1,000-per-person book-now savings
• Free shore excursion (s)
• Reduced or free beverage package
• Reduced or free Internet service
• No Single supplement
• Free Gratuities
• Free cabin category upgrades
• Discounts on a future cruise 
• Free specialty restaurant dining
• Free spa treatments

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Looking to Book A Cruise?

Perhaps a reduced deposit, free gratuities or onboard spending credits, are what you want. No matter what, just about everyone who sails today gets something extra.

Perhaps the promise of a reduced deposit may spark your decision to book or will it take a two-category upgrade. This popular Bonus Extra promotion of a cabin upgrade offers greater value for you depending on whatever the difference the fare is between the two cabin categories.

And, who doesn't like some onboard spending credit; free money you can apply to things you purchase onboard; like photos, gifts, shore excursions or spa treatments. For example, your party of 4 wants to take a helicopter ride and land on glacier in Alaska. With some onboard spending credit for each of you, all of you may be able to do it and not break the budget.

For cruise travelers, the offer of getting some Bonus Extras has several benefits. But be on the lookout, not every deal is a real deal.

For example, a $799 price for an Alaska cruise might not be as good as a $899 price for another, if the second offer also includes a dinner in a specialty restaurant,  a reduced deposit and $300 onboard spending credits. In this case, you save more, even though the base price of the cruise is more!

How to get the best Bonus Extra deal?

Make sure Bonus Extra promotions are combinable with other offers. This way, you get the most bang for your buck! Don't book into a bait-and-switch promotion. Make sure the Bonus Extra offer allows it to be combined with the best price for your cabin you can get.

Do the math. Check and make sure many of the free items are not just built into the cruise price.

Some Bonus Extra's are not that appealing. For example, a free beverage package has limited use, If you're not a frequent bar visitor. That beverage package may no be worth that much to you, compared to other offers.

Look for Combination offers.  Celebrity Cruises' 123Go! promotion, offers passengers a choose among a list of Bonus Extra's;  free gratuities, a beverage package, a $300 onboard credit or airfare savings of up to $600. You get to choose which is more important to you. Princess Cruises has a similar Bonus Extra's promotion, 3 for Free, or choose Holland America Line's Explore 4. Norwegian Cruise Line bundles their Ultimate Dining and Ultimate Beverage packages with Internet minutes.

For many cruise travelers the added value of Bonus Extra's helps stretch their budget, so while they are on offer, get yours.

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Did You Know?

Most cruise lines do not allow travel agents to advertise prices lower than the cruise lines offer to those who book directly with the cruise line. However, some do allow travel agencies to discount by rebating part of the commissions, when dealing directly with a potential customer. If you are shopping the Internet for cruise prices, you're most likely going to find many travel sites quoting the same price. But, the price you're seeing on a travel agent's web site is not necessarily the best price that travel agency is able to offer you. To find out a travel agency's best price on a particular cruise, you should call them, or e-mail them a request for a price quote. Most travel agencies have toll-free phone numbers. Don't hesitate to call or email them-- you could save a lot!

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Did You Know?
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